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Confident, Courageous & Centered Leaders

Are you currently facing any of these challenges?

Women managers and leaders often tell me...


1. There is never enough time! You do time management activities but

  • There is never enough time for you to focus on strategy and what's over the horizon. Your role is too big to cover everything.
  • You want to be there to support your team but feel you don't have enough time to do your real job - there's too much time firefighting everyone's problems.
  • You know you should delegate more but a) ultimately it's your responsibility b) your people are already overloaded and/or c) no-one else can do it as well as you can, so you might as well do it as it's easy for you.
  • It is important to you to maintain standards so you end up working far too long hours - you can't see how else to do it.
  • You are pulled in too many directions.
  • You have too many responsibilities - and it's hard to say no when someone asks you to take something on.
  • You feel guilty - about not being there for your family, missing your child's school play, not having time to visit your parents, not having energy to meet with friends or have a special evening with your partner, ....
  • You are feeling overwhelmed or stressed or both.
  • You know you are not performing at your best but don't know what you can change or where to start.

2. You feel like your career has stagnated. Is this the glass ceiling?

  • You were promoted rapidly earlier in your career and now you have reached a plateau, despite proving you can do the job.
  • You feel frustrated when you see your colleagues being promoted, yet your work is of equal or higher standard.
  • You are frustrated by politics - you just want to do a great job and deliver outcomes.
  • You feel bored in your current role or stuck in a rut. You want a role where you feel more stretched.
  • You feel unappreciated at work - your manager doesn't recognise all that you have done let alone what you could do.

3. You've recently been promoted and want to make the best of the role.

  • You have the executive position, but now you are struggling to be heard.
  • You feel smothered in your role
  • You feel like an imposter - someone is bound to find out soon you aren't good enough for this level.
  • You want to create a high performing team.
  • It feels lonely at the top - you want a space where you can bounce ideas and explore situations more deeply than you can on your own, and get clarity for decision making.
  • You want to have more leadership presence and be seen as an equal by your peers.
  • You were promoted within the organisation and people are still treating you as if you are still in your previous role.
  • Your organisation has relatively few women in senior and executive positions. You would like more role models for yourself and/or you want to encourage other women to step up to higher positions and create the environment and culture where higher diversity at all levels is the norm rather than the exception.


When you answered yes to any of these challenges, work with Sue to achieve your aspirations for yourself and your organisation:

  • lead with purpose, clarity and impact
  • deliver results
  • build trust and engagement
  • make a real difference to your organisation and the wider world
  • create a culture that embraces more diversity
  • be successful in your role
  • raise your profile and leadership presence
  • create a high performing team
  • engage your people and create an environment where all can thrive
  • have time to do your real job
  • have time to focus on what is important and be there for your team
  • make decisions more easily
  • manage your responsibilities without stress, overload, lack of time and other pressures
  • lead your organisation to prosperity
  • leave a lasting legacy
  • enjoy your work
  • feel fulfilled and purposeful
  • enjoy your time at home and be there for your family
  • have time for yourself – for fun, friends, sport, socialising and all the things you enjoy



Talented women who work with me report these benefits:

  • Clarity on where to focus attention and how to deal with people issues; resulting in easier decision making and feeling less stressed, less overwhelmed, less inadequate and more relaxed, more confident and more energised.
  • Greater leadership presence and raised profile - being seen now as an equal amongst peers who were previously senior; having greater influence on strategy; and 'having a voice' in strategic or director/board meetings.
  • Better balance and integration with all parts of life (work, home/family, community/social, self) resulting in greater wellbeing and fulfilment.
  • Gaining buy-in and engagement from the team to turn performance around and deliver results.
  • Gaining promotion.
  • Higher organisational productivity and growth.
  • Time to reflect on what is important so when you need to make decisions in the moment, your 'gut feeling' is more likely to be the right decision.
  • Being stretched in a way that no-one else at work can do with you, but which is essential for you to achieve all you want to, for yourself and your organisation.


"Using the plans I created during the coaching session, the hostility turned to engagement within a week and the team took collective and positive action to deliver the outputs on time." Jenni D. Manager. Newcastle-under-lyme


"I am most grateful to Sue for achieving a depth of questioning that allowed me to gain deep insights. It's those moments when she did not allow the conversation to move on - pushing for deeper reflection - that provided some of the greatest value." Sarah D. Chief Executive. Glasgow.


"I have been reflecting on our conversation and really found it useful, particularly the elements around transitioning from operational management to leadership.This is already proving of use!"   Chris M. Director of Business and Communications. Edinburgh.

(Read more in the Testimonials and Case Studies pages)



Request a strategy session to design the 121 Executive Coaching programme that will bring you the best results. We have a range of proven tools and frameworks that have delivered success for other leaders. Alternatively, some leaders choose to use coaching simply as an impartial sounding board to discuss and gain clarity on current decisions and situations as they arise.

Our new Triple C Leadership programme is ideal for developing not only leadership capability but also a community to support the organisation's growth, sustainability and a culture that embraces diversity. The programme is based on rigorously researched frameworks and sound scientific methods that have proven results.

The Confidence for Professional Women is a shorter programme which has transformed lives both in work and at home.






Confident leaders achieve outstanding success. Confidence is your springboard to deliver as a leader: you focus on priorities, inspire a compelling vision and communicate with clarity. You listen to, engage and align your people to work willingly towards a common purpose and achieve outstanding results.

Courageous leaders achieve outstanding success. You embrace responsibility, take appropriate risks, experiment and learn from mistakes or set backs, rise to the challenge, recognise opportunities, are open and transparent in your dealings, and inspire trust when you acknowledge your vulnerabilities.

Centered leaders achieve outstanding success. You give your life and work a sense of meaning. You have a healthy awareness of yourself and how you interact with others. You know your capabilities, your strengths and weaknesses. You manage your energy to maintain enthusiasm and make time for all that is important. You are grounded and resilient. You connect and engage with others to build a sense of community and lead your organisation to sustainable long-term success.




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"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." Dale Carnegie

"If you only look at what is, you might never attain what could be." Anonymous